Hybrid Mattresses in Pleasant View, TN


8-10" Thick Mattresses


The first in line, leading the way. What better way to introduce the MLILY lineup than with a true leader in value like the Premier+gel. Featuring a variety of premium fabrics, chosen to maximize affordability and quality, the Premier+gel is nearly "too good to be true". Ventilated genuine memory foam and quilted gelCore gel infused memory foam give you a taste of the superior components and quality found throughout the MLILY line, but at a remarkable savings. The Premier+gel: a leader in affordability and performance.
  • 1.0 inch of gelCore memory foam quilted into a variety of premium cover fabrics
  • 1.0 inch of M36 naturally renewable memory foam
  • 7.0 inch of individually pocketed coil units

11-12" Thick Mattresses


The state of being calm, peaceful, and quiet. Embrace a quiet respite from the busyness of your life. Enjoy peaceful rest like you have never encountered before. Experience the calm of our revolutionary hybrid sleep technology. The Tranquility by MLILY provides the unrivaled cushioning comfort of genuine visco elastic memory foam and the traditional feel and support of an innerspring mattress. With individually pocketed coils, movement between partners is not transferred, making shared sleep truly tranquil. A two inch foam encased edge support allows you to use the entire sleeping surface without experiencing roll off or an unbalanced feeling. Our UltraCore rebound memory foam distributes body weight across the coils for even-wearing and superior longevity. gelCore memory foam is noticeably cooler and allows for greater heat dissipation and breathability.
  • 1.0 inch of gelCore gel-infused memory foam quilted into the bamboo fiber blended cover
  • 1.25 inch of M36 naturally renewable memory foam in the plush pillow top
  • 1.25 inch of UltraCore rebound memory foam evenly distributes body weight
  • 6.5 inch individually pocketed innerspring coil unti
  • 2.0 inch of higher resiliency base foam for consistent longevity and edge support


To activate, invigorate, or give enthusiasm to. Life requires energy, and a rich, full life demands enthusiasm. Let the Energize by MLILY invigorate your body and mind with restful, restorative sleep each and every night. With the proven resilience of genuine visco-elastic memory foam, and the dependable support of an individually pocketed coil system, the Energize is a high quality, long lasting addition to the MLILY line. Comfort is paramount with both high density M48 memory foam, and a layer of gelCore, our gel-infused memory foam creation, quilted directly into the cover. Just a touch of softness and unparalleled support make the Energize the right bed to help you activate your morning.
  • 1.0 inch of gelCore gel-infused memory foam quilted into a spandex blended cover
  • 1.5 inch of M48 high density pressure relieving memory foam
  • 7.5 inch individually pocketed innerspring 1100 coil unit
  • 2.0 inch of higher resiliency base and edge support foam for reduced roll-off


13-15" Thick Mattresses

Hybrid Sleep

Introducing the Hybrid Sleep by The Bed Boss. A grass is greener, have your cake and eat it too kind of mattress. Pairing the reliable support of an innerspring bed and the unrivaled comfort of memory foam, the Hybrid Sleep may be just what you are looking for. It’s old school. It’s new school. It’s awesome.
  • 1.0 inch heat dissipating higher density bamboo infused foam quilted into the cover
  • 2.0 inch traditional memory foam
  • 3.0 inch UltraCore HD memory foam
  • 6.5 inch individually pocketed innerspring coil system
  • 2.0 inch higher resiliency base foam
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